Index of Dialogue Sketches

Here is an index, to help you find material for a particular text or Sunday reading.  Click on the reference to transfer to the text:

Matthew 14:22-38   Jesus and Peter walk on the lake.
Matthew 18:15-20   Community, gossip, and heaven
Matthew 25:1-13    Things that can’t be shared.
Matthew 28:16-20 and Mothers’ Union Aim and Objects

Mark 1:1-18    Already and not yet
Mark 1:9-15   Miserable Lent?
Mark 1:29-39 Freedom
Mark 4:26-34 Parables of the Kingdom
Mark 6:1-13  Going home – and beyond
Mark 8:27-38   Jesus: Messiah and Suffering Servant
Mark 13:1-14 (or 13:1-8) Getting it right

Luke 2:1-14 Christmas
Luke 2:15-21 What’s in a name?
Luke 2:33-35 Mothering Sunday
Luke 8:26-39  Finding sanity (links to a dialogue sketch in a blog)
Luke 9:51-62  Is it easy?

John 1:43-51 Mission rediscovered
John 10:11-18 and Acts 4:5-12 For love or money?
John 12:20-33 Glory and covenant
John 20:24-29 Thomas – the wimp?

1 Peter 3:13-22 Fear

Exodus – a service in dialogue structure.
A Nativity Play – dialogue sketch style!