Dialogue Sketches

Some years ago I did the College of Preachers MTh course, with a dissertation on Dialogue Sketches.  These are two or three voice conversations, intended to replace a one voice sermon on some occasions, and suited to presentation by those not qualified or able to “preach”.  This is made available here, both the instructions and theory and also some examples.

Dissertation Summary
Dialogue has a long and impressive history, in Christian and secular use. Dialogue sermons seem to have disappeared, yet the monologue sermon is not highly effective – nor the favoured teaching medium of Jesus.
This dissertation proposes a simple format called the “dialogue sketch”, and gives practical instructions for using and writing dialogue sketches, and some reasons behind the instructions. To evaluate the congregational reaction, a simple questionnaire was used, and the results are given and analysed. The difficulty in getting congregations to use dialogue sketches led to a second questionnaire, for clergy, whose hesitations were identified.

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