What next?

Those who have visited here may realise that over six years I have posted weekly comments on the three year cycle of (RCL) Sunday Bible readings. Now that I have (largely) covered the gospel, and in the second triennium the New Testament readings, what next?

Here, in electronic format, is a collection of material for the Easter season of year C – this year (2022). In other words a free book, to read on computer / tablet / phone. I hope it might be of interest to those who know my style, and perhaps also to worship leaders looking for material, and those unable to join a congregation.

Meanwhile, the historic selection is still available. Use the “search” box to enter a Biblical reference (in full, so try “1 Corinthians 15”), or a Sunday (“Easter 2” – this is less specific). Alternatively enter a theme word (“resurrection”), or look at the sequence (gospels from April 2016, epistles from April 2019).

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