Intercessions, reflecting on Jesus the High Priest (the letter to Hebrews)

Lord Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, we thank you for your Intercession for us, for your life among us, and your once for all sacrifice that sets us free. Help us to remember, and to help others to know and love you. [Verse and Response]

We pray for our Church, and all who lead and teach. May they reflect the love and qualities of the High Priest, but never get in the way of people finding God and his purposes. V & R

We read that you, Father, so loved the world that you gave your Son. Rescue our world from its many dangers and mistakes. Bless those in power with wisdom and integrity – we think especially of those addressing the Climate Crisis in the COP 26 Conference; those still battling the Covid 19 pandemic and its many effects, and those who plan and protect our communities and daily lives. V & R

Our great High Priest has sympathy for those in trials and temptation. We pray for all in need and difficulty, those we hear of, and those we know personally. May they find strength and healing, support and love. V & R

Lord, let us be among those for whom your sacrifice was effective and welcomed. Let us understand what we need to know, and be eager to serve in love and obedience.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers, for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.