Intercessions for Easter – Rogation Sunday

Intercessions for Easter 6 – Rogation Sunday, or the Easter Season

You may, or may not, want to separate the paragraphs with a Verse and Response (eg V Lord, in your mercy. R Hear our prayer), or simply a pause.

Father in heaven, we give thanks for the great love which raised Jesus from the dead, sent us the promised Holy Spirit, and assures us that you are always close, whether we feel it or not. Help us to live as those who explore these things, delight in them, and want to share this treasure when we can.


We pray for our Church, for the congregation we know best, and its leaders […]. Help us to be united, despite our differences and separation.


Help the leaders of our country:

  • those who plan the response to Covid 19;
  • those who work on the economy, the need for jobs, and the likely recession;
  • and the medics looking for vaccines, treatments and cures. Give them wisdom and integrity, and help us to offer our support.


Father, be especially close to those in difficulty and crisis:

  • those who have no income now, and may not in the future
  • those who are ill (physically or mentally), and their carers, as well as the bereaved
  • doctors, nurses and care assistants, many of whom must now be terribly tired; and also the staff of Nursing and Residential Homes and complexes
  • and also with Funeral Directors, and others dealing with the bereaved in specially difficult times.


On this Rogation Sunday, we give thanks for the created world, for farms and gardens, beauty and food, and the recent fine weather. We pray that our response to these weeks of lockdown may improve our care for all that you have made, and lead to a lifestyle actively combatting global warming, pollution, and wastage of resources.


Finally we pray for ourselves. However unexpectedly, however much our situation changes, may we be faithful disciples of Jesus, confident of our safety in his charge, ready always to share hope and love.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers, for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.