Worship and the Eucharist -3

3. The Intercession.

A] What are the differences between prayer in Church and on your own?

B] Where do we find prayer in the Eucharist service?

C] If prayer can be divided into Adoration, Confession, Supplication and Thanksgiving, where is each found in the Service?

D] Read Matthew 6:5-8. Are these warnings still important? Does verse 8 take away the point of prayer – or change it?

E] Read Matthew 6:9-10. Where is the first focus of the prayer? Is this true of our prayers?

F] Read Matthew 6:11-15. How easy is this?

G] What do we pray for in the Intercession? Compare your list with the instructions in Matthew 6.

H] Now read 1 Timothy 2:1-6. Matthew 7:7-11. Matthew 18:19-20. Do these direct what you want to pray about, or how you want to pray?

I] Very often we pray briefly for a number of concerns in the Intercession:

  • the Church, locally and worldwide; its leaders; its current needs
  • the world, including national leaders, the need for peace, justice and sustainable development (including climate and other eco-issues)
  • people in crisis or need. (Not only the ill and dying!)
  • there may be special or topical concerns: eg elections, school/college term starting, severe weather, farming, tourism, family life, debt, mission initiatives, community events . . .
  • ourselves: perhaps responding to the Readings and Sermon

J] What is the role of the person who writes / chooses Intercessions? And the role of the reader / speaker / person who prays them aloud? What are the congregation meant to do?
K] What does “Amen” mean?

L] Finally, is James 5:17,18 a challenge?

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