Dialogue Sketches 7 Questionnaires

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My dissertation went on to detail two questionnaires, and analyse the results.  Since this was done in 2005-6, I think the answers are probably now dated, but give a summary below.  (If you want the full original, get in touch!).

Surveying congregations, I found that many said they liked monologue sermons, and were unsure of dialogue sketches, though they thought them more relevant to their daily lives.  It was difficult to get much reaction outside my own churches, which did not help.

Asking questions of Anglican clergy at a Clergy School, where they experienced a sketch in a service and had the chance to attend a seminar which included writing and presenting a sketch, was interesting.  They felt the best argument for Dialogue Sketches would be effective communication, but the greatest drawback the difficulty of setting them up.  While they were happy to welcome other preachers to their congregations, they were not prepared to read someone else’s sermon, and were guarded about using a downloaded Dialogue Sketch.  It is not really clear why Dialogue Sketches were not viewed more positively – a combination of not wanting extra work, being happy with the familiar, and uncertain of the value of a new method, probably contains the truth.